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30 Years of Writing that Matters

2019 is Sage Hill’s 30th Anniversary! Celebrate with us!

Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to celebrate creativity, community, and the craft of writing with Sage Hill alumni and faculty.

Are you Sage Hill Alumni? Visit our Alumni Publications page (link page), click on the year that you published and make sure that your book is included.

30 for 30

Celebrate 30 years of Sage Hill with a single donation of $30 or a multiple donation ($30 per month, $300 one time, $3000 corporate).

Whatever you can give will help Sage Hill continue to foster writing that matters.

To make a donation click below or contact sage.hill@sasktel.net.

Many thanks to our Partners and Sponsors!

Become a Friend

Stay connected with Sage Hill throughout the year. Join our community of writers by becoming?a Friend of Sage Hill with a donation of $50 or more!


Many thanks to our Friends of Sage Hill!

Gifts up to $5000

Tim Lilburn

Brenda Schmidt

Gifts up to $3000

Troni Grande

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Gifts up to $500

Annette Bower

Dennis Cooley

Troni Grande

Jean Freeman

Heather MacDonald

Glen Sorestad

Guy Vanderhaeghe

Gifts up to $100

Sheryl Avery-Smith

Sandra Birdsell

Becky Blake

Madeline Dahlem

Eufemia Fantetti

Cathy Fenwick

Sharon Hurd

Anne Lazurko

Brenda Niskala

Miranda Norton

Henry Rappaport

Tara Dawn Solheim

Caitilin Terfloth

Jean Van Loon

Ken Wilson

Gifts up to $75

Catherine Banks

Elizabeth Millham

Gifts up to $50

Susan Andrews Grace

Leanne Griffin

Carla Harris

Judith Muirhead

Doug Smith

Sharon Solheim

Theresa Wallace

Janet Youngdahl

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